Sarah and Aimee at the Fair!

Sarah and Aimee competed at the Western Idaho Fair for the very first time. They were AMAZING! They each won ribbons for various competitions they participated in. We were all so proud of how hard they worked to compete this year.

Sarah and Fiddle won 2nd place for the homemade dinosaur costume.

costume contest


Sarah and her trophy for Junior Grand Champion!


Aimee, her dad Rian and reserve best of breed Floofie!




Polish chicken update

Our Polish Crested chickens are growing into beautiful fancy hens! Sarah and Aimee are so excited to show the girls at the fair!

Sarah and Augusta walking in a parade


Augusta and Floofie hanging out in the backyard


Sarah’s niece Liliana and Floofie


Crested Polish Chickens Growing up

Introducing our growing chicks;  Floofie, the White Crested Black Polish, Augusta the Silver Laced Polish, Cass the black Silkie and Sallie the bantam white Cochin, who was supposed to be a Frizzle. The straight run chicks are all looking like hens!


Adopting Fancy Frizzle and Silkie Chickens

This year we are looking for fancy, show chickens. Sarah and Aimee joined 4-H for the first time and are excited to learn how to show off their friends at the Western Idaho Fair! For the first time, we are looking for pretty birds, not great egg layers. All four of our chicks are straight run, meaning that we don’t know their gender. We have a black Silkie, a white Frizzle (we hope) and two Crested Polish chicks. They already love running around on the grass in the sun.

sunnydaychicks              mypeeps



Crested Polish Chicks!


On March 18, 2015 we adopted freshly hatched Crested Polish chicks! Aimee’s (on the left) chicken is Floofie and Sarah’s is Augusta. Sarah is training her chick to come to her when she call her name, and her chick seems to be learning already. We are not sure what variety they are, or whether they or hens or roosters. It is going to be fun watching them grow. Stay posted to find out if they crow!