Hen Rietta Moves In

  We found two really adorable Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Chicks yesterday. They talked fancy to us with their utter adorableness. Obviously we had to bring them home! Tonight they were trying to convince us to be indoor chickens.



Here we have the pretty princess Chicken-Ella! Actually it’s Freckles, she is feeling very beautiful all dressed up!  

The Chicken Selfie

This is what happens when Sarah gets her own phone! LOTS and LOTS of chicken selfies!



Sarah and Aimee With New Babies

  Sarah and Aimee are growing up so much! They still love their chickens though! Here they are with this year’s chicks, Welsummers named Pickles and Starr. Aren’t they adorable! Happy Spring!  

Chicken painting

I haven’t posted anything new these days, so I figured this would be a good place to start. Here is some chicken art that Sarah made. Pretty awesome!!  



Chicken Face Painting!

It is true, we love those silly little chickens so much, they make their way to our faces! Here is Sarah with Nugget painted on her face: Aimee with Popcorn on her face!


We had a raccoon show up in our backyard early in the morning and our Americauna named Mini gave that raccoon quite a fight! She lost nearly all her tail feathers, but is standing tall still. Needless to say, we are working on a predator proof coop.



Chicken Pillows!

We love our chickens so much that Sarah and Aimee have designed and sewn chicken pillows! Check out how cute they are! Chicken pillows hanging out in the flowers.


Today was a big day! We heard some very loud clucking coming from Popcorn today. She spent a lot of the day standing up high on a chair clucking like crazy as if to get everyone’s attention. We didn’t realize until later that she was trying to show all of us where her egg was. […]


chicken blanket

The Chicken Blanket

Sarah and Aimee decided that their chickens needed a special blanket for snuggling. They worked very hard choosing fabric and making a design that was soft on their legs and also covered up the chickens. It was designed for watching TV or hanging out with the girls, while also protecting their clothes. Silly, silly, chicken […]