Chicken Therapy

Everyday Sarah has what we like to call “chicken therapy”. We go outside everyday and sit on the grass and watch all 13 girls come running to us for a tasty treat. They are very happy to see us and very thankful for the company. ¬†Popcorn even prefers to eat out of our hand. When we are grumpy or stressed they have a way of cheering us up. We love our girls!


Chicken Day Care

Another service our backyard chicken lovers offer is chicken day care. If you need to go out of town for a few days and don’t want your poor chicken lonely, Sarah is the girl for you! She loves all chickens as if they were her own babies. Here is a photo of the sweet little Jelly Bean with a superhero at Sarah’s chicken day care!


Painted Pallet Chicken Coop

We realized our homemade pallet chicken coop wasn’t as beautiful as it could be, so we painted it a beautiful red. ¬†Sarah and her friend Jaden figured it needed paintings of the chickens that live in our coop. After many hours they finished six chickens, but decided they will eventually add the other girls later. Hopefully, the girls will get a lot of enjoyment in their shiny new coop!